Согласование времен - Учебно-методическое пособие для студентов всех специальностей и всех форм обучения www

^ Согласование времен

V. Прочитайте и переведите следующие предложения:

1. The secretary said that the British businessmen had come to meet the president. 2. She said that the President was going through the mail. 3. The director of the office let us know that we must be ready for the talks with British businessmen. 4.1 didn’t hear that you had made an appointment with the firm for 10 o’clock. 5. I thought that they would clear up some points in the firm’s offer during the talks. 6. In a letter to my friend I wrote that I was very sorry he couldn’t come to Moscow for a holida y. 7. My sister let me know that she was goiny™ to leave for Petersburg soon.


Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises

^ VI. Заполните пропуски артиклями, где необходимо, и перескажите первый текст:.

We all know ... name of Chkalov. He was one of ... best (лучший) Russian flyers. In 1937 Chkalov, Baidukov and Beliakov made ... first non­stop (беспосадочный) flight: Moscow -- the North Pole (Северный Полюс) — America. It took them 63 hours to get to Portland. They flew by AN-25. That was … very good plane. Though ... flight was difficult

(трудный) the flyers felt well. ... people in America were happy to see ... Russian flyers on their land. They went home by ship. It was ... large ship. It was going to France. There were ... foreign engineers, doctors, teachers and businessmen on ... ship. One day ... American businessman came up to Chkalov and asked, "Are you rich (богатый), Mr. Chkalov?" "Yes I am," answered Chkalov. "I’ve got 170 million." "Have you got 170 million roubles or dollars?" "I’ve got 170 million people. All ... people work for me and I work for them."

1. When they made . . . announcement about .. . Flight 52, all ... passengers went to ... plane. 2. What airport are we going to land at? I believe we’ll land at ... Domodedovo airport. 3. I think you must make her ... present on the 8th of March. 4. I was afraid that they had not received ... cable and would not come to ... airport to meet me. 5. He said that MR. P. had gone on business to ... Caucasus. 6. Have you booked ... tickets for ... theatre? I’m sorry, I haven’t. But I’m going to ... booking-office tonight. 7. What’s ... time? It’s 7.45. 8. ... time flies and ... сhildren will soon go to ... school.

VII. Заполните пропуски предлогами или наречиями и перескажите тексты:

A few days ago Mr. Semenov came ... abroad. He had gone ... business . . . Great Britain. He had instructions to place an order ... chem­ical equipment.

Mr. Semenov came . .. Moscow ... TU-104. It took him tliree and a half hours to get home. He had got . . . the plane . . . London airport ... 8 o’clock ... the morning. The plane landed ... Vnukovo airport ... half ... eleven.

His friends had come to meet him and Mr. Semenov was glad to see them.

It didn’t take him long to go ... the Customs. He had no things liable ... duty. He filled ... a declaration and gave it ... a Customs Official. The Customs official came … … Mr Semenov and asked him to open his suit-case ... 15 minutes all the formalities (формальности) were ...

Mr. Semenov took his suit-case and joined his friends. The car was already waiting ... them. They got into the car and went home.

— Where were you yesterday ... 5 and 6 o’clock? I phoned you.
— I’m sorry, I was nol ... I went . . . the Bolshoi Theatre booking-office to book tickets . . . tornonow.

— And what will be ... ?

— «Romeo and Juliette». I’ve booked two seats. Will you join me?

— I’ll be happy to. When and where shall we meet?

— Let’s meet ... a quarter ... six. I’ll be waiting ... you outside the theatre.

VIII. Закончите следующие предложения, употребив дянные в скобках слева и словосочетания:

1. When I came into the waiting-room of the airport (all the passengers ... to wait . ..). 2. Before Mr. Sobolev got on the plane (to fill in a declaration). 3. Since the representative of a British firm arrived in Moscow, (... to place a few orders). 4. We heard (... to feel bad). 5 The secretary told us (... to go on business). 6. We found out (... to arrive). 7. The passenger asked the Customs Official (... to be liable to duty). 8. The Customs Official answered (... to be duty free).

9. I did not know (... to go abroad). 10. The engineers said (... to show us the new machines).

^ IX. Заполните пропуски активными словами:

Customs-Office, announcement, to land, airport, to go through the cus­toms, to arrive, waiting-room, to declare, to fly, from abroad, flight, to feel well, plane.

The other day I went to Sheremetievo ... to meet my friend. He and his wife were coming back .... When our bus ... at the airport . . . had not yet landed. It was frosty outside and I went into the airport .... There were a lot of people there. Some of them were waiting for the ... to get on the plane, others had come there to meet or to see off (проводить) their friends.

In 15 minutes the plane .... My friends went to the .... They had no things to ... and it didn’t take them long to .... My friends said they had enjoyed the ... and although the jet-liner ... at a high speed they ....

My friend and his wife were very happy to be back.

^ X. Ответьте на следующие вопросы, обращая внимание на глаголы to say, to tell, to speak.

1. What foreign language do you speak? 2. In what countries do people speak this language? 3. Can you say that you know this language well? 4. Who speaks this language in your family? 5. What do you say when you do not hear some words?

1. Did you go to see a doctor when you felt bad? 2. What did the doctor tell you to do? 3. What did the doctor tell you not to do? 4. Did your friend phone you when you felt bad? 5. What did you speak to him about? 6. Did you speak English or Russian to your friend?

1. What do your children say when they get up? 2. What do they say when they go to bed? 3. What do you say when you meet your friend? 4. What do you say when your friend gives you an interesting book to read?

1. Do you like speaking at meetings? 2. When did you have your last meeting at the office? 3. How many people spoke at it? 4. How long did they speak? 5. What did they speak about at the meeting?

^ XI. Заполните пропуски словами a little, a few, little, few.

1. Let me think . . . before I answer your question. 2. The plane had taken off and there were .... passengers in the waiting-room. 3. It didn’t take me long to go through the Customs. There were very . . . people at the Customs-office at that time.

4. I had very . . . time last night and watched


Speech Exercises

XII. Перескажите текст урока и воспроизведите диалог.

XIII. Ответьте на следующие вопросы и на основе ответов составьте краткий рассказ:

1. Have you ever been abroad? 2. When did you last go abroad? 3. What country were you in? 4. What instructions had your President given you before you went abroad? 5. What did you do when you were abroad? 6. When did you come back from abroad?

1. Have you ever flown by jet-liner? 2. On what lines do jet-liners fly in Russia? 3. On what lines do Russian jet-liners fly? 4. Do you usually enjoy flights on a jet-liner? 5. How do you feel when the plane is taking off (landing)? 6. At what speed does a jet-liner fly? 7. Do you have lunch on the plane?

1. When must passengers go through the customs? 2. What does a customs official ask a passenger about? 3. What things are usialy liable to duty? 4. What things are duty free? 5. Are presents duty free or liable to duty?

1. When did you last go through the Customs? 2. In what country was it? 3. Did you go there by business? 4. What did the customs official ask you to do? 5. What things for your own use did you have in the suit-case?

XIV. Составьте диалоги на основе следующих ситуаций:

Mr. Brown arrived in Moscow on business. He flew to Moscow by TU-104. Mr. Brown felt well during the flight. The plane landed at Sheremetievo airport at 6 p.m. Comrade Petrov came to the airport to meet Mr. Brown. When they were going from the airport Comrade Petrov asked him about the flight.

Comrade Smirnov is going to Paris on business. He telephones the Intourist booking-office and asks when they have flights to Paris. The clerk says that there are flights to Paris every other day.

Then Mr. Smirnov books a seat for a plane for Friday and finds out that the plane takes off at 10 a.m. on Fridays. The clerk asks Mr. Smirnov to be at the airport at 10 o’clock.

every other day через день

When Mr. Krylov came to the Customs House he saw a lot of passengers there. They were all going through the Customs. The Customs official asked Mr. Krylov what things liable to duty he had. Mr. Krylov answered that his things were all duty free. He also said that all the things were for his own use.

^ XV. Составьте диалоги или ситуации, используя следующие слова и слово­сочетания:

1. Russia, different countries, to have business relations, representatives, to go abroad, to place an order, raw materials, manu­factured goods;

2. to go abroad, by plane, to arrive, an airport, to go through the Cus­toms, to register, to fill in, a declaration, to declare;

3. to arrive, an airport, in time, to take off, a passenger, to get on, a jet-liner, to join, a flight;

4. a cable, to receive, to meet, a friend, to find out, the number of the flight, to get to, an airport.

XVI. Выполните следующие задания:

1. Mr. Brown has arrived in Moscow on business. You have an appointment with Mr. Brown at the Ministry. Receive Mr. Brown at your office and speak to him about his flight from London to Moscow.

2. You are going to New Delhi on business. Telephone the Intourist booking-office and book a seat for a plane.

XVII. Сделайте сообщение на следующие темы:

1. At the airport. 2. Customs. 3. In the waiting-room.


Тема: Использование активной лексики по теме «Going abroad»

Задание: Закончите следующие предложения, выбрав подходящие по смыслу слова и словосочетания.

  1. I couldn`t book seats for a Sunday … (performance, present, thing, cinema)

  2. It is necessary to fill in a declaration when you go … (home, trip, abroad, office)

  3. The passengers got on the plane 15 minutes before the plane … (arrive, stop, took off, get off).


Тема: Употребление активной лексики.

Задание: Выберите по смыслу необходимые местоимения.

  1. There were … of people in the waiting-room. (much, a lot of, little, many)

  2. I’ll tell you … words about my business trip. (few, plenty of, any, a few)

  3. Let me think … before I answer your questions. (few, a little, much, little)

Задание: Выберите подходящие по смыслу прилагательные.

  1. Who is the … engineer in your office? (the youngest, small, shorter)

  2. This text is … than that one. (old, shorter, the smallest)

  3. He speaks English … of all. (good, less, best)

Задание: Закончите предложения, выбрав подходящие по смыслу слова и словосочетания.

  1. The plane landed at London … (airport, station, stop)

  2. The clerk registered my ticket for the … (bus, plane, tram, tube)

  3. There were a lot of people in the … (hall, room, flat, waiting-room)

Задание: Вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова.

  1. He didn’t … a word. (say, talk, speak)

  2. He spoke at the meeting … . (today, tomorrow, yesterday)

  3. We are interested in … our mining equipment. (selling, getting, making)

Задание: Дополните предложения подходящей по смыслу лексикой.

  1. I’ll put you … (on, through, upon)

  2. will the contract be ready by that … ? (day, week, year,time)

  3. I think we’ve done good … (deed, role, part, business)

Ответы на тестовые задания.

Модуль № 1

I. III. V.

  1. Ответ: 1б 1. Ответ: must 1. Ответ: needn’t

  2. Ответ: 2а 2. Ответ: can 2. Ответ: mustn’t

  3. Ответ: 3б 3. Ответ: may 3. Ответ: can


1. Ответ: 1в 1. Ответ: should

2. Ответ: 2а 2. Ответ: is able to

3. Ответ: 3б 3. Ответ: have to

Модуль № 2

I. II. Ш.

1. Ответ: 1а 1. Ответ: 1в 1. Ответ: 1б

2. Ответ: 2а 2. Ответ: 2б 2. Ответ: 2б

3. Ответ: 3а 3. Ответ: 3б 3. Ответ: 3в

4. Ответ: 5а

IV. V.

1. Ответ: 1а 1. Ответ: 1б

2. Ответ: 2в 2. Ответ: 2а

3. Ответ: 3б 3. Ответ: 3в

Модуль № 3

I. II.

1. Ответ: a lot of 1. Ответ: the youngest

2. Ответ: a few 2. Ответ: shorter

3. Ответ: a little 3. Ответ: best


1. Ответ: airport 1. Ответ: say

2. Ответ: plane 2. Ответ: yesterday

3. Ответ: waiting-room 3. Ответ: selling


1. Ответ: Through

2. Ответ: time

3. Ответ: business


Тема: Закрепление лексико-грамматического материала по модулям.

Задание: Закончите предложения лексикой, подходящей по смыслу.

  1. Russia has trade relations with different … (towns, countries, cities, capitals)

  2. It is necessary to fill in a declaration when you go … (home, trip, abroad, office)

  3. The seller couldn’t reduce the prices of their … (time, level, goods)

Задание: Выберите из глаголов синонимов, подходящие по смыслу.

  1. He … that he knows English well. (talks, tells, speaks says)

  2. We … about if for 15 minutes. (said, told, spoke, talked)

  3. She … us the last news. (said, spoke, told, talked)

Задание: Дополните предложения подходящей по смыслу лексикой.

  1. I couldn’t book seats for a Sunday … . (performance, cinema, thing)

  2. It is necessary to fill in a declaration when you go … . (home, trip, abroad)

  3. The passengers got on the plane 15 minutes before the plane … . (arrives, stops, gets off, took off)

Задание: Заполните пропуски местоимениями “much”, “many”, “little”, “few”.

  1. … children watch TV after 9 o’clock in the evening.

  2. I don’t like … sugar in my tea.

  3. Was there … snow in Moscow last winter?

Задание: Заполните пропуски местоимениями “some”, “any”.

1. Last month we saw … new performances at the Art Theatre.

2. Are there … tickets for this film at the Box Office?

3. I don’t see … sugar on the table.

Задание: Выберите активные слова и словосочетания в нужной форме.

  1. Last Sunday Mr. Titov … in the afternoon. (to go for a walk, to be one, wonderful)

  2. It was spring and it was … outside. (good, to decide, wonderful)

  3. He … two tickets for the Saturday performance. (to buy, to telephone, on his way)

Задание: Выберите необходимые предлоги или наречия.

  1. Last year I had a holiday … winter. (in, at, on, after)

  2. One day … breakfast we decided to have a walk … the park. (before, at, after, in)

  3. We went … the cinema … half … seven. (before, to, after, at, past, on)

Задание: Заполните пропуски артиклями или притяжательными местоимениями.

  1. We thank you for ... enquire for … power equipment of … 10 of December.

  2. … prices are too high, I’m afraid we cannot accept … offer.

  3. I hope you’ve had … good time at … holyday home.

Задание: Выберите подходящие по смыслу местоимения “little”, “a little”, “few’, “a few”.

  1. 1 .Let me think … before I answer your questions.

  2. There were very … people at the Customs-office at that time.

  3. I had very … time last night and watched TV for only … minutes.

Задание: Выберите слова “That” или “What”

  1. The secretary said … the president had signed the contract.

  2. She asked me … film I wanted to see.

  3. I told him … I should wait for him in the waiting-room.

Задание: Употребите “It is” или конструкцию “There is”, “There are” в соответствующей форме.

  1. … cold outside yesterday.

  2. … few passengers in the waiting-room when we came there.

  3. … late when we came home.

Задание: Составьте предложения, употребив следующие слова и выражения.

To travel by railway, to take on opportunity, to be about, to miss a train, to change trains, to invite, not so … as, worse, than usual, to be due, to hurry, to see off, the most convenient.

Задание: Употребите глаголы в нужном по смыслу времени (simple past, present perfect).

  1. The first lot of chemical equipment (to arrive) yet? Yes, we (to receive) a cable from the part that the goods (to arrive) on the 20th of December.

  2. Our engineers (to consider) the technical information of the order, however, they not (to give) they final answer yet.

  3. When the sellers (to ship) the remaining goods? They (to ship) the goods last week.

Задание: Употребите местоимения “every” или “each”.

  1. … engineer of our office speaks a foreign language.

  2. … passenger is to go through the customs if he goes abroad or comes from abroad.

  3. … of them has gone on business abroad this year.

Задание: Выберите необходимую по смыслу лексику.

  1. The buyers asked the sellers to reduce their price for the goods, as they thought it wasn’t quite … . (competitive, remaining, each)

  2. I couldn’t … the teacher’s question and asked him to say it again.

(a discount, market, to understand)

  1. … engineer of our office speaks one or two foreign languages. ( on the whole, each, to settle)

Задание: Выберите подходящие по смыслу неопределённые местоимения.

  1. Let Mr. Denisov tell us … else about his visit to English. (something, anything, any, some)

  2. Does … of you know now to get to the Tretyakov Gallery from here?

(something, somebody, anybody, anything)

  1. At their office … can speak English. (somewhat, anywhere, nobody, nothing)

Задание: Употребите соответствующие наречия.

  1. I believe they haven’t inspected the goods … . (else, yet, still)

  2. Is anybody … waiting for Chief Engineer? (more, yet, still)

  3. I’m afraid they haven’t eliminated the defects … . (else, yet, still, more)

Задание: Выберите модальные глаголы в соответствующем времени и форме.

  1. … I try on this blue raincoat? (can, must, to have to, may)

  2. You … not smoke inside the Moscow Underground. (needn’t, to be able to, to have to, must)

  3. I … to buy a shirt if I buy this suit. (to be to, to have to, can, may)

Задание: Употребите подходящие по смыслу слова.

  1. Yesterday I bought two shirts: one – for … pounds and … - for … pounds. (other, another, the other, others)

  2. I can go to the theatre on Wednesday or on Saturday as on … week days I’ll be very busy. (the others, other, another, the other)

Задание: Выберите подходящие по смыслу синонимы в соответствующем времени и форме.

  1. They both studied at Moscow University, no wonder they … each other well. (to learn, to find out, to get to know)

  2. When I … that my friend had come back from his business trip, I decided to visit him the same day. (to find out, to learn, to get to know)

  3. Please, contact the firm and … if they have eliminated the defects.

(to get to know, to learn, to study, to find out).

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